Clean Demolition

Clean Demolition from Olivas Restoration


In the heartbeat of Northern Nevada, where structures echo tales of time, there's an inevitable need to rejuvenate, rebuild, and restore. At times, this journey begins with a clean slate—a demolition that clears the past while preserving the essence of what was.

With over a decade of refining our craft, we aren’t merely another team wielding tools and tearing down walls. We are storytellers, understanding the soul of every brick and beam. Our meticulous approach to demolition is a testament to our respect for the tales these structures hold.

Why Choose Olivas?
  • Decades of Trust: Locally cherished, Olivas Restoration boasts over 10 years of hands-on experience, weaving trust and professionalism into the very fabric of our services.
  • Always There, Whenever You Need: Whether it's the crack of dawn or the midnight hour, we stand poised, ready to lend a helping hand. Our 24/7 availability ensures you’re never alone in times of need.
  • Servicing the Heart of Nevada: From the bustling streets of Reno to the serene landscapes of Incline Village, our footprint covers Northern Nevada. Reno, Carson City, Fernley, Winnemucca, Elko, Minden, Gardnerville—wherever you are, we're just a call away.


Ready for a fresh start? Trust Olivas Restoration for a demolition service that’s clean in practice and rich in perspective.

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